How to get to the Tukino ski field

The Tukino skifield is Mt Ruapehu's lesser-known gem, located on the eastern side of the mountain (35km from Waiouru).

It's a 4WD road

You need a 4WD vehicle to get to the Tukino Skifield.

You do not have your own 4WD vehicle!

If you do not have a 4WD vehicle or prefer not to drive your own 4WD vehicle up the Tukino Access Road during the ski season (only), we have a Shuttle Service that operates from the 2WD car park (Base Camp) up to the Tukino Skifield.

The shuttle service runs on request.

Please phone 021 0277,4559 to book the shuttle bus.

Costs for the shuttle service (return trip) are:

From the 2WD (Base Camp) car park $20.00 per adult, $10.00 per child with a minimum charge of $40.00 for the shuttle bus.

From Waiouru $40.00 per adult, $20.00 per child with a minimum charge of $120.00 for the shuttle bus.

Driving instructions

Head north from Waiouru along the Desert Road for 22.4km or south from Turangi for 46.4km.

There is a signpost marked "Tukino access road". Turn here and follow this gravel road across the desert for 7km to the 2WD car park (Base Camp). 

2WD vehicles must not proceed past this point. For "off road" 4WD vehicles only, the road continues for another 7km up the mountain to the Tukino village.

Please do not attempt to drive up the Tukino mountain road past Base Camp, until you have confirmed the road is open.

For more detailed instructions, please click here

Road information

The latest status report on the Tukino road can be heard on:

the snow reports on Peak FM and Ski FM,

or online, view our Full Snow Report,

or by phoning the Tukino Snowphone on 06-825,8111,

or by phoning the Tukino Skifield on 06-387,6294.
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